• Won’t human translation be outside my budget?

    Human translation is not an easy, one-step procedure, and the costs reflect that. It involves collaboration between many experienced experts, and it results in polished and flawless translation documents. If the cost of human translation seems out of your budget or uncompetitive with automated work, just think about the alternatives. Forgoing translation altogether or using free online translators will always result in low-quality work. No matter the situation, using our professional translation services provides benefits that outweigh the costs.

  • Will I need professional proofreading after hiring MultiChoice Translations?

    It depends. In the language industry, proofreading is considered a separate service just as auditing is separate in financial services.

    Proofreading is the bedrock of our quality assurance. MultiChoice selects its translators based on their ability to consistently produce exceptional translation texts, but proofreading requires a different skill set. An independent native speaker of the target language has the opportunity to eliminate minor errors that can fall through the cracks when a single translator completes a large job.

    We recommend a proofreading service for all our clients, and especially for those whose projects are creative, technical, or unusually complex. A second eye on the text will make the final version as focused and effective as it can be, something that is always desirable for texts that will reach a wide readership. For these and all clients, proofreading is well worth the extra cost.

  • How can I facilitate the translation process?

    The most important client contributions come at the initial consultation stage, in which you should provide as much detailed information as you can. Based on this, we will create a project brief to help our translators understand your unique needs. No two translations are the same, and when clients clearly articulate their expectations about context, tone, purpose, and style, our translators will be best equipped to meet those expectations. Think of a translation as a bespoke outfit: Just as you would provide precise body measurements to a tailor, so too should you provide additional information to your translator.

  • What ensures that my translation will meet my expectations for confidentiality and quality?

    Our standards for maintaining and developing our pool of experienced translators are the most demanding in the business. Our years of translating have taught us that there are is some misinformation out there about what translation entails. Being bilingual does not make someone an excellent translator; indeed, they could speak three languages and still be inept. Working with MultiChoice requires five years of direct experience and a postsecondary degree in translation or a related field. There are no exceptions to these requirements, so you can be assured that your project will be in competent hands. We also guarantee full confidentiality of our clients’ files.

  • I’d like a quote. How do I get one?

    Our quoting process for translation services varies depending on the project. We consider issues like the background knowledge required, the specific linguist’s experience, the source and target language, and the cost of labor in the countries where our translators are based. However, we strive to offer the most competitive prices available on all projects. Our homepage and all service pages feature an online quote form.

  • Do you translate websites?

    Yes! However, the process is more complex than for other types of translation texts. In our many years of professional translation experience, we have seen that websites resonate best with global audiences when they go beyond simply translating words into the target language. Rather, translations are most effective when they localize date format, currencies, humor, images, cultural references, layout, and aesthetic features. With native backgrounds in the target language and culture, our skilled specialists understand how to do all of these tasks.

    To avoid technical problems, please note that website translations work best when clients send us the original XML files, which contain the site’s coding. Using these files, we can “flow” the translation text directly onto the website and circumvent the need to painstakingly recode your materials.

  • Does my translation need a specific type of certification?

    Our services include notarization and certification, but individual clients are responsible for determining the exact certification they need. For example, some foreign embassies require specific certifications for translated documents, and we strongly suggest that you work with these embassies to determine which certification you need. Each of our clients has a unique set of needs, and while MultiChoice does offer this service, we are not an authority on which certifications are required in all cases.

  • How soon will I receive my translation?

    In most cases, professional translators can translate 2,000 to 2,500 words a day. That said, this rate can vary widely depending on the materials and project type. For example, German translations of English texts will almost always be about 30% longer than the original document, and translation times may reflect that.

  • What payment method do you accept?

    We accept payments through PayPal (direct, credit/debit cards), checks and money orders

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